In Conversation with Matt Di Masi: Embracing Challenges and Inspiring Others

In Conversation with Matt Di Masi: Embracing Challenges and Inspiring Others

Built upon common values and a fervent dedication to making a difference in our community, 2nu is proud to welcome Australian Marathon Runner Matt Di Masi as the latest 2nu Ambassador.

Matt is a 2:26.34 marathon runner. Shizuoka in Japan was Matt's breakthrough marathon in 2019. Since then Matt has won the WAMC Rottnest Marathon and Busselton Bay run marathon where he ran a course record in 2:36.15.

     “Running is inclusive to all. You get to meet people who have like minded goals but who might lead completely different lives”.

Keen to learn more? We spoke to Matt about the season ahead, his core values and what he’d be doing if he wasn’t running


2nu: You mentioned that you signed up for your first marathon in 2014, the iconic New York Marathon. What drew you into taking that leap into serious running?

Matt: Running has been a passion of mine since my school days, but the New York Marathon was a turning point. The training process leading up to that event ignited a deeper love for the sport, and I've carried that enthusiasm into every race since.

2nu:   Who is your source of inspiration in running? What specifically about him/her do you admire the most?

Matt:    Eliud Kipchoge! His audacity to push the limits of human capability resonates deeply with me. His pursuit of the sub-2-hour marathon, while not on a certified course, was a monumental achievement that speaks volumes about determination and breaking barriers.

2nu:   Looking ahead to 2024, what's your main goal for this year in terms of your running career?

Matt:   My focus for 2024 is on the Gold Coast Marathon with the aim of achieving a sub-2:30 finish. It's about setting ambitious targets and working relentlessly towards them.

2nu:    Mental health and wellbeing are crucial for athletes. How does running contribute to your overall wellbeing?

Matt:    Running serves as my escape and a form of mental reset. Whether it's a brisk morning run or an evening jog, it allows me to disconnect and recharge.

2nu:    You've recently joined 2nu as an ambassador. Which of 2nu's values resonate with you the most and why?

Matt:   The value of inspiring and empowering others to embrace the great outdoors and live life to the fullest aligns perfectly with my personal mission. If I can influence even one person positively through my journey, it's a meaningful achievement.

2nu:  Lastly, if you weren't running, what do you think you'd be doing?

Matt:   Without running, I believe I'd be more susceptible to life's distractions and challenges impacting my mental and physical health negatively. Running has become an integral part of my lifestyle.


Matt's dedication and passion for running shine through his words. As he gears up for the challenges ahead, his story serves as an inspiration for all those striving to push boundaries and live life to the fullest. Here's wishing Matt all the success in his pursuit of excellence on and off the track.
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