A Story of Never Give Up - London Marathon 2024

A Story of Never Give Up - London Marathon 2024

Featuring: Rochelle Di Masi 

  • Australian Marathon runner - IAAF World Champs
  • 42.2km - 2.34.45 
  • PR Run Coach 
  • 2nu Ambassador 
  • ig: @roch.dimasi

For 12 weeks I trained my heart out, felt strong and was ready for my first marathon back. It’s been a journey.

I started the race in wave 1, it was cold and windy but that wasn’t bothering me because I was at the start line of the LONDON MARATHON!!

I had never ran with so many runners before. I was running but I just couldn’t open up as much as I wanted to, the congestion was real and I was running on the medium stripe where I could to get some room. I started to feel happy with having the opportunity to run in such a prestigious race. This was the best Sunday long run ever 🏃🏼‍♀️ Until..

We crossed over the 10km marker and then a turned a corner to the right ➡️ It all just happened so quickly. I was tripped, trampled on and my knee coped the full force of it. I stopped my watch and a volunteer helped me over to the side rail. I was so devastated, upset and sore. I could have given up. If I did though all my hard work would have meant nothing. All the support I had been given to be here would have meant nothing. So I kept going! One foot in front of the other. I jogged and ran until I couldn’t and then I walked. I walked pace the hundreds and thousands of spectators that came to cheer everyone one, I felt all the feeling you could imagine. The thoughts inside my head were all the things you could feel. It was upsetting and I felt beaten.

I can say I walked away from the London Marathon with my head held high, I didn’t give up. I came here to cross the line and I did. My wounds will heal and I didn’t loose my dignity because I never gave up