Ultimate Performance Sunglasses Handbook

Ultimate Performance Sunglasses Handbook

8 Practical Guidelines to pick the BEST Sunglasses for 
EVERY Outdoor Activities and save you 50% of your money. 

There’s a lot of people who look for sunglasses for outdoor activities e.g. running, hiking, cycling, fishing, kayaking…etc. would think “it doesn’t really matter, it’s just sunnies…” so they just buy a $20 pairs at a station or pharmacy, or they just simply wear their fashionable sunglasses. We hate to be a bearer of bad news but…

If it does, some famous brands like Oakley wouldn’t be able to charge their customers A$200, A$500, or even A$1000+ a pair!
We are talking about Performance Sunglasses which are specially designed eyewear, optimised for outdoor activities and sports.

Today, we are going to show you a comprehensive guide so you can see exactly how to choose high-quality sunglasses for your outdoor activities or sports, and save a lot of money.

Think you know about sunnies? Think again. Here are the 8 practical guidelines to choose the best sunglasses for every outdoor activity, in a cost-effective way:

1. UV Protection Standard & Certificate
2. Frame Material & Design
3. Lens Features
4. Lens Colors
5. Polarised vs non-polarised
6. Photochromic
7. Where to buy: Unveil the shocking secret about the cost!*
8. Clarify some common mistakes that no sunglasses brand would tell you

*This is quite sensitive so we decided not to publish. If you are keen to know, please leave a message at the Chat and we will send it to you later.