"Your future is not something you sit around and wait for it, it's something you go out and get!" - Author of Unleash Your Vision


We have no idea how you got to this page.

Maybe you saw one of our Facebook ads.

Maybe your friend told you about us.

Or maybe you were shopping our performance sunglasses.


We don’t want you to just buy our sunnies but don’t use it.

Because we truly want to inspire and enable you to go out to live your lives.

Imagine…you started living a limitless life, and…

  • Waking up in a body and mind that feel strong and healthy
  • Being unstoppable and get through any obstacle in the way of achieving your Goals
  • Getting rid of harmful negative thoughts, procrastination, addiction that hold back your life

…and #UnleashYourVision that you’ll discover the opportunities in your life

…so you can truly have your life

…and have it to the full.

This is the reason why we jump out of the bed to start working at 2nu every morning.

So…it's time.

Your state of mind

We once listened to an interview of Tony Robbins, a renowned life strategist, who said something that blew our mind. This is what he said:

“People are not one way. We are a reflection of the states we are living in.

When we’re in a frustrated state, and tired state…

Your brain processes completely different…

…than if you’re in a passionate state.

Whether if you’re feeling determined.

Whether you feel committed.

Whether you feel completely resolved.”

In other words…

Change your state, change your life.


You gotta learn how to change your own state.


The secret is in moving your body.

Emotion is created by motion.

You can transform your state of mind, even when you are dealing with stress.

Go for a walk outside – green space is proven to be relaxing.

Go for a run or a sprint if you can.

Go cycling, or kayaking…

If it’s too intense, how about fishing?

Just go outside and do something.

We guarantee you that it will release your stress and elevate your state of mind massively.

We’ve tested it…many many times.

2nu Strava Club - #UnleashYourVision Challenge

If you want a breakthrough in your life, commit yourself to go out for a walk or a run, 3km a day.

See if it can change your state or build a positive momentum of your state.

We would love to hear that it can really motivate you. Please join our Strava Club and share your breakthroughs and stories with us. When we get yours, we'll send you back a sunglasses coupon.

God bless you.