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We stand by the quality of every 2nu product with unmatched warranty commitments.

  • A lifetime guarantee on manufacturing faults and accidental damage.
  • 14 days returns if you’re not satisfied with your sunglasses, either it’s not fit for your face, or you don’t like the style, or whatever reason.

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Gender: Unisex

Head Size: Medium-Large

Measurements: Front 15.2 cm, Height 6.2 cm, Arms 15.5 cm

Best for: Road Cycling, Mountain Bike, Running

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#UnleashYourVision with our TrueView Optics™ lens

Through a proprietary formula, 2nu's TrueView Optics (TVO) lenses selectively block a portion of the yellow light spectrum while enhancing red, blue, and green vision. This unique process ensures that you experience improved clarity and vividness when viewing objects. Simultaneously, the lens elevates contrast and sharpness, enriching the overall color depth for a more vibrant visual experience.

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TrueView Optics™
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Naked Eyes
  • Frameless Design

    Frameless Design

    Unleash your full potential with our Frameless Design, the ultimate solution for cycling and running. Enjoy the power of complete eye protection. Shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, dust, dirt, and wind. Our frameless innovation ensures unparalleled coverage, giving you the freedom to push your limits without worry.

  • Unmatched lens durability with seawater resistance coating

    Unmatched lens durability with seawater resistance coating

    Our lenses are enhanced by a specialized seawater resistance coating treatment, in order to achieve heightened stability, successfully enduring an intense 48-hour seawater immersion test. Effectively resisting both weak acid and alkaline water, these lenses are tailored to meet your needs in seaside environments and various other scenes.

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  • Lab Certified UV Protection


  • Polarised Lens Option

    Glare Reduction

  • Impact Resistant Lens

    Extra Durable Lenses

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Lifetime Guarantee

    We stand by the quality of every 2nu product with unmatched durability commitments. On any manufacturing fault, we will repair or replace your product for you. Our 2nu performance sunglasses has a lifetime quality guarantee on manufacturing faults and accidental damage.

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